ATC Confusion

hi there, I’ve been circling Istanbul Airport for approximately 35 minutes now being changed from frequency to frequency, each one asking for different things, first to update to STARS, then to start following ATC instruction. Which I did, and I’ve been directed every which way except the airport. Just seems rather disorganized. I’ve again been told to go around and its about my third time with no real direction. I’m doing all I’m being instructed to do. Just confused as to why there’s so many changes and seemingly so little communication.

I would say your best bet is to contact the controller In the community’s PM

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Thats the thing I’ve been bounced between so many that I don’t even know who to contact now.

Istanbul Approach and Tower controllers are the people you want to contact


I understand your situation can be a bit frustrating. In order to clarify why all of this happened, please contact the controllers involved. @MJMN as tower controller, @Alejandro_Castaneda and @CptJu as radar and maybe also @Drummer as FIR. Keep in mind that controller changes at busy hubs can become difficult for both pilots and controllers


Thank you all!


Considering the timing of the post, looks like all of this happened during a lot of controller changes as well. For example, I hopped off Center frequency, approach was switched and tower was also switched.

The first few minutes of controlling are always the hardest for controllers as everyone calls in at once.

I’m sorry for any inconvenience and I hope service became better as time progressed


Looks like I was beaten to the punch! Hopefully @BinaryChess, @Drummer
and all the others were able to help you find the controllers you might wish to speak with! Feel free to PM any members of the IFATC team with any further questions you may have!

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The frequency changes were because another Approach controller came in so we divided the work to give a better service.
At the beginning of each session we have to organize ourselves but in a few minutes everything is resolved. Sorry to read this and if you have any other questions regarding my control feel free to PM me 😉

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It seems as though you are not IFATC, so you really don’t understand how stressful controlling busy airports is. The best advice I can give in just follow instructions and be patient.

All due respect, he said he was following all instructions and was just confused by the seeming lack of communication. The controllers can tell him what was happening, as they’ve been notified. I don’t think the OP was about knocking down any controllers. It’s a good thing when a pilot is curious about what’s happening rather than going ahead and not following instructions because they’re mad.


I’m not saying he was, I just understand how easy it is to get angry sometimes because of delays, we have all been there before. It is just important to remember that there are people on the other side trying to do their best.

MaxSez… Same O, Same O… 1) Radar, Sufficient Prep/Turn Over Time required before you step up to the plate,🔥Arrow 2) Centers need to brake up the inbound Gaggles and slow the cruisers down filed to hi-Tempo airports or devert them,🔥Arrow 3) Pilots need to recognize overburdened airport and refine/devert Flight Plans prior to committing.🔥Arrow, Why waste time/money flying hole’s in the sky turning and burning when it obvious a Field is in extreme overload.🔥Arrow.

Seems I’ve read this claptrap type Gripe here repeatedly for years. Whineing Pilots and wagon circling Controllers making excuses. 🔥Arrow
Same O, Same O… A Pox on ya…
G’day, Max

(Note: Like a “Missed Approach” A Msg request is needed in the Approach Comm Menu which announces a Pilots discretion “Diverting, Request vectors to (ICAO)” required.) ‘Never forget the Pilot in Command is the “Final Decision Maker”!


Hello @Brennan_Kichline. I was doing Tower yesterday. Now the thing is brother that due to heavy rise in traffic Radar controllers split the east and west inbound traffic. Also center was there so sometime confusion may occur with so many frequencies but i guess this is the best part of IF that we get to experience traffic and deal with different situations. It’s no fun just sitting and monitoring your flight on autopilot. This delay and huge traffic makes IF more realistic and fun. I was Tower so not much freq change problems from my side unless Go around which i guess were not many and i handed them to the right controllers but sometimes approach would like you to contact other frequency for better approach. Hope you can understand.

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