ATC Confusion

Have looked thru the available tutes but can’t seem to find clarification on this. When using an approach/centre controller, often times there seems to be a battle with the Tower controller. I often receive messages to tune to the tower freq whilst still being directed to the ILS by the centre/approach. Not sure if the controllers can hear each other’s messages (I imagine that could be fairly chaotic) but I’ve found myself switching to the tower freq only to be immediately requested to switch freq back to the approach/centre.

Any idea? Perhaps there could be new instruction to advise one ATC that you are tuned to another freq? Thx!

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Hello, We advanced controllers normally work together and talk while controling together on different frequencies. So while you’re getting directed to the ILS Approach will tell you to contact Tower when your on (long) final and Tower would then just clear you to land.

However on the playground server where everybody has access to ATC normally not everybody knows that. I’d advise you to just stay on the approach freq until Appr or you think it’s time to switch to tower after loacalized with the ILS (Approach cleares you and then you should contact tower). Hope it helps


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Here’s another one I’ve experienced a couple of times on the Playground Server and last night on the Advanced Server. I’m on the long final into 24R at LAX in a 767. I’m a dozen or so miles from the airport to the east talking now to Tower. I’ve requested 24R, which is active and there’s hardly any traffic.

Tower says “enter Left Downwind 24R”. Huh? I don’t want to get ghosted so I start to comply with what is really a ridiculous situation. Now I have to cross the approaches to 3 runways, heading SW, go past the airport, hang a 180 to get into the L Downwind then cross the 3 approaches again on L Base to get to final on 24R. What message can I send to tell Tower they screwed up?

On the Advanced Server I felt like I had to comply and Tower finally saw how messed-up it was and gave a straight-in eventually. On the Playground Server I just kept saying I was on final until they Cleared me to land. What’s the best message I can send?

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It would make more sense if approach is available to send all traffic doing pattern work to approach so there won’t be any confusion or close calls regarding two airplanes flying into eachother.

They do send you to approach on the advanced server but in the playground sever its anyone’s game and there is no communication between frequencies. On the note of entering left down wind doesn’t that just mean enter to the left of straight in? Not go past the tower 180 re establish yourself and then turn left base to final

I apologize after re thinking you would be correct that is confusing

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Argh, this was a bit of a stupid one. I was tuned to the playground server by mistake…would explain all of the chaos. Apologies!