ATC Complaint

I’ve been in the queue to land into LPPT for the last 20 minutes and now have low fuel!! ATC needs to recognise and prioritise who is first in the queue. I should be on the ground by now.


Depending on your location it can be relatively difficult to work you in, especially at a single runway airport. If you’re out of fuel by an extra 20 minutes in queue, you didn’t have enough fuel to begin with.


Hi @amnb04,

The traffic load is high due to the Flash Flight. I would suggest taking some extra fuel for these kinds of events in the future. I would suggest you to reach out to the controller via DMs so he can understand your view better.


To be fair. I flew into LPPT from EDDF, thats a 3h flight, had enough for 5h in the air. Even I had low fuel in the end…


They should add an emergency, or lMAYDAY FUEL button. I do not think it is right that the answer is to just bring more fuel next time.


I was passing over Lisbon on my way to Madrid and was like, thank goodness im not in that line to land


Infinite Flight has an emergency fuel button. It shows if you have less than 30 mins of fuel left and if you have flown for more than an hour.


I never knew that when was that implemented into the game?

I guess I have always had enough :) Thank you for the heads up! That is pretty cool.

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Depending on your aircraft, what you’re carrying, and what flight level/speed combination you’re at this is definitely possible. However, if you’re flying at the most efficient parameters, this shouldn’t happen unless you’re holding for 3+ hours.

Just checked: for an A320 with max passengers and cargo 5 hours of IF-stated time is 5hr 30m in the air, and for a 738 it’s about 5hr 40m. Even low down, the burn is not too bad provided you are flying slow. At 8000 feet 240 knots, the fuel burn is pretty much the same as cruise and if they held you for an extra 150 minutes you should probably just divert atp.

Remember, that’s for max. If you carry a regular load the max flight time would be around 6 hours.


As Magician pointed out, the optimal approach in this scenario is to consider the current traffic levels when planning your flight. Aviation regulations mandate that you carry sufficient fuel to cover your intended route, along with reserves to divert to an alternative airport if necessary (speaking in real-world terms), as well as an additional 45 minutes of fuel as per ICAO requirements.

Following these guidelines, it’s relatively unlikely to run out of fuel unless you’ve been delayed significantly, such as waiting in a queue for an extended period. However, my suggestion is to divert to another airport if you genuinely need to land. Ultimately, this decision often falls within the pilot’s discretion.

Additionally, there’s a feature that allows pilots to notify ATC when they’re experiencing an emergency, enabling controllers to prioritize their situation. It’s important to note that the controller may determine that diverting to another airport is the best course of action in such circumstances.


Or you could even divert to a suitable airport as another possible solution. Maybe that’s not what you initially intended but it’s better than crashing…

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i was unaware of the flash flight

YES!!! was looking for general emergency/low fuel button on atc options for ages

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Are you talking about next and final destination showing yellow and red? If not, please tech me where I can find said flashing lights.

i was sent round holding loop twice when others ahead of me got on the ground about 20 minutes before me, and the cherry on the cake was that i was told to go around. go around isn’t really controllers fault, it was great work, but i’m just a bit frustrated by their queuing techniques.

I totally get your point. I was in the same situation when I did a flight in 2020. I was relatively new with this game and I wasn’t able to understand how ATC can’t you fit in while you called an emergency fuel. A few years later, I get it. The reasons are already written here.

I’d recommend the following:

  • get yourself enough fuel (much more than usual. especially when there is an event and the airport is the hub for this day. (Check the schedule for this)
  • have a look into this app to get a better picture how many inbounds are, or will be at your destination InfiniteX | Companion App for Infinite Flight
  • ask for a divert when you think you’re for too long in the pattern.
  • don’t fly into hub :) (that’s what I commonly do)

Best of luck next time!


This kinda sounds like a skill issue on your end ngl. Load more fuel its simple.


It just sounds like you should of packed extra fuel its hard when theres over 100 arrivals coming into Lisboa😂

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It’s unfortunate but it just kind of happens at single runway airports. I just tend to avoid them entirely but if you really want to fly into a 1-runway hub you should be packing at least 2-3 hours extra.