ATC complaint

I have a complaint to make about the controller at Stewart Airport in the New York region. I understand that it is hard to control a busy airport but from my experience, the controller was being a bit “unprofessional.” I was told to line up and wait on runway 27 at Stewart and I was never told to takeoff. I was on the runway for a long time. There were people landing on this runway and he told some of the people to go around. But not the 2 people that nearly hit my plane. I did ask to takeoff 2 times but he didn’t respond until after the 2 planes landed. I thought about exiting or taking off without permission because the situation was getting out of hand. I would hope that this doesn’t happen again. Again, I do deeply understand that the airport was somewhat busy and he was controlling 2 frequencies but I still feel like that should not happen.


The ATC controlling at this time and airport (KSWF) was @Kevin_Frankeny. Discuss with him about this via PM


Please contact the controller via PM. The user is provided above. Thanks!