ATC Companion App for IF

Hello everyone,

Some of you may have seen me around the sim over the past two years, either flying around or controlling on the Expert server. Over the two years, I have come to greatly appreciate Infinite Flight’s multiplayer system, and have decided I would like to contribute to it and the community. In the coming months, I will be writing a companion app for controllers, both on the training and expert servers, to help them better organize their airspace and optimize traffic flows.

Initially, this app will simply be a more informational version of Infinite Flight’s default flight progress strips. They will show information regarding the aircraft type, wake category, squawk (random for normal aircraft, 7700 for fuel emergencies, 1200 for VFR), assigned and actual altitude, heading and airspeed, route, assigned runway and more.

Here’s where I need your help

Would you be interested in an app like this? Please let me know what you think about the idea, and if you’d be interested in trying out an app like that. Also, please let me know of any features you think I may have overlooked in my planning process that you feel would be helpful to you as a controller. I’ll reiterate: this isn’t supposed to be solely a flight progress strip display, but rather an app that can help controllers in any way possible. I am looking at the possibilities of displaying maps with the routes of aircraft, calculating the distance an aircraft will take to descend to its assigned altitude or optimal sequencing, but I’m looking for any other features that you guys would like to see.

I will start designing the UI of the app in the coming weeks. I’ll keep coming back to you with updates and opinions on the app. Once I have that finished I will go into the development of the app itself. The goal is to have an app running on the web, desktop and Android / iOS, with testing starting in the spring / summer next year.

Please vote below whether you would be interested in an app like this, and let me know of any other opinions or suggestions down below. Thanks :)

  • That sounds cool
  • Not sure, I’ll see what it’s like
  • I don’t think I’d find it useful for controlling
  • I don’t control

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This sounds awesome, it would be helpful for pilots and controllers.


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