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Well my point is on the Expert Server it doesn’t make sense for someone to spawn in at an airport and just start flying patterns in a 777 or 747. When people come to the Expert Server they want more realism, that’s something you find in the casual server. I completely get where you’re coming from and I totally agree that its up to them as they are the PIC but my point is if you want to fly patterns in a heavy, go to the casual server and have fun. It makes no sense to do it in the Expert Server.

That’s the freedom of a flight simulator though. You get to fly any aircraft you want thats available to satisfy what you want to fly.

Unless you have restrictions for realism

Restrictions for realism? Can you elaborate and give an example of this? Like a size restriction?

Ok how about BFI they do testing of every size of Boeing aircraft or the Airbus Airports where they would test A380s there will always be an exception to normal operations

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I’ll put it this way airports aren’t built with over sized gates without having some sort of taxiway system big enough for that aircraft. 747s and a380s fit in the same gate. Just because an a380 may not serve that airport normally doesn’t make it not capable and as such is allowed in and around the airspace at the controllers discretion. it doesn’t matter if it ruins the realism of your 20 minute to 15hr flight because there are situations in life you can’t plan for because this isn’t the FAA and people would like to have fun every now and again IFATC will handle aircraft if it isn’t suitable.

We have 3 servers for a reason. Expert for realism, Training for medium realism, and Casual for fun. If the Expert server was like the Casual server there would be zero realism in this sim.

Yes expert server is enforced with punishments but you can’t enforce what aircraft someone flies if it’s “not realistic” since those customers are paying money to fly what is available.

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Expert server is for realistic rules not realistic flights or we would have tracons centers and mandated flight plans for all multi engine aircraft. It just isn’t feasible with a volunteer force

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I agree but I believe pilots in the Expert Server should be tested just like IFATC has to be tested. Half the pilots have no idea how to communicate.

We’re getting a bit off topic from what you originally requested but you can vote above.

you never know you are ready until you experience something and trust me i’ve been in your shoes but if at first you want restrictions on what planes can fly patterns soon you will want restrictions on what airlines can fly into certain airports then what routes can be flown in or out of those airports then you are going to want time slots for arrivals. You cant expect that level of realism when you have 170 planes on the ground at ATL 25 waiting to cross runways no clearance controller and 100 planes in holding patterns


Airlines IRL e.g CX, QR, EK etc use their aircraft(ranging from A319s to A380s) for pattern work to train crews for their type-ratings. There is no aircraft type restriction when it comes to pattern work. About aircraft size, this is where the IFATC handbook dictates that controllers should familiarise with the airport to avoid A380s at airports like Luton etc.

About testing, I don’t see that happening. Infinite Flight is a business hence they need to make money. Blockading that by adding tests as much as it would please some of us, would be detrimental to the sim in general.


at Charlotte we have a maintinence hanger and when maintinence is complete they do a test flight with atleast 1 touch and go so anything can happen thanks @Kiz for bringing up a great point.

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I see where youre coming from but that’s why there are 3 servers instead of just one. Everyone is welcome to the casual server and it doesn’t take much to have access to the training server.

Customer X:

I want a realistic environment where people follow rules. You either give me or I walk away with my money. It’s how the world works ;)

you know as well as everyone that casual can be toxic and training can be no better sometimes. i did most of my learning on expert server and I do fine. everyone learns differently and everyone needs a space for it some learn in peace others under pressure.

I don’t really see a issue for large aircraft flying patterns, sometimes it can be fun or challengeable, witch is Exactly why you’ll need to do the test before you can join the IFATC team.

And sometimes Indeed, large aircraft do fly patterns in real world, it can be Maintenance Reason or there is a new airport open or the new aircraft need to be test out before in to Commercial server,

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