Atc communications

Hello I was wondering if anybody can redirect me of where is all the messages of telling someone to follow instructions, check forums etc.

This is on training

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You cant say check forums in TS and other please follow instructions messages are under misc. messages…

You also can’t say please follow instructions on Training server.

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Your answer is extremely ironic… you say it doesn’t exist and then say where it is. 🤔

Please follow instructions and check help pages doesn’t exist in the training server so unfortunately there is nothing you can do.

On expert server however yes, they are under misc

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I said that

The Only thing available is a broadcast message saying:
“Attention all aircraft, not abiding by the NOTAMS will be enforced by ghosting”
Which makes NO sense

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Ok nevermind I just wanted to teach ts pilots to follow instructions to be ready for expert


As I said, you also said they’re under misc. which means you say they exist and don’t exist at the same time in the same sentence. Which makes 0 sense. I was pointing it out so that the op doesn’t come back confused as to why he can’t find them in misc.

Forget It… 😂😂
Your Chances of winning the lottery are higher than having two Ts pilots obey your orders


Well thanks everyone that answers my question

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I said you cant find check forum message under misc and most of other instructions you can find there…

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