ATC Communications Tab Glitch

Hi team,

I’ve observed a glitch that sometimes occurs on my device. On some flights, I have to turn on autorotate on my device so I can keep it plugged in and not have IF upside-down. After doing this, often encounter a glitch where selecting the communications tab opens it in full screen, without any way to click out of it. At times like these, the options I’m left with are:

  1. Send an unnecessary message so that the tab closes itself.
  2. Exit IF entirely,
    Neither of which is ideal on ES.

I’ve added a screenshot of the most recent occurrence of this.

Device: Samsung S21 Ultra
Operating system: Android 14

Hi there

This glitch is caused when the screen is rotated 180 degrees when the ATC communication screen is active. This is known by the devs and hopefully the fix will be implemented soon

Temporary fixes to this is to try not to rotate your screen at all when communicating with ATC as well as disabling auto-rotation (I know this option may not be suitable for you but it may be for other people encountering a similar issue)


Thank you very much for the response. Your explanation also explains why it happens sometimes and not every time. I’ll be cautious of the time I enable auto-rotation so I don’t trigger this.

Thank you once again.

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It’s a known and tracked issue ;)