ATC communications issue since update

There have been a couple of other topics on this by other users but one seemed to have been erroneously closed as an isolated incident and the other hasn’t got much support, so here goes:

On three occasions now since 22.1, aircraft have been unable to communicate with me as ATC. It seems to appear to them that they are on frequency and I’m not answering, but to me it appears that they are not on frequency.

Most recently, at KHOU on the expert server, I’d been controlling for a bit over an hour without issues. Then I sent an on guard request to a pilot who was inbound and they didn’t respond. Twice more and they didn’t respond. Then suddenly they appeared on frequency executing missed approach. However their message history showed that they had sent me multiple messages, none of which were audible or visible to me as it was showing that they were not on any frequency.

A few days previously, on the TS at EHAM I gave two landing aircraft the exit taxiway, contact ground command and then they both sat there for ages, and after a few minutes contacted ground and requested taxi to parking. However the command history showed that both had actually been tuned into ground and had requested taxi to parking multiple times. But to me, they weren’t even showing up on ground and their requests weren’t audible or visible to me at the time.

iPhone 12

@Toovie_Brafman maybe you can add how it was from your perspective?

You said it exactly right I thought maybe I was on the wrong frequency so I kept going off and back on the frequency to make sure I was heard but when you kept calling me on guard I knew something was definitely wrong and it wasn’t my WiFi because it was showing online and everything was going through on my end.


Ah interesting, thank you!
(Also sorry I had to leave before you landed)

Nah all good bro! I’m glad you contacted them because there’s definitely something wrong

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This happened again, with an aircraft @G_2Bs on Tower requesting runway crossing, but appearing to me as if they are still on Ground and me telling them to cross the runway on Ground. I exited the session and re-entered. Have also deleted and reinstalled the app, will see if that helps.

Crazy stuff ,I should also note this is the 1st time ever that this happened to me.

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And I have the newest iPad running the latest IOS and my WiFi is blazing fast so there’s definitely something wrong on infinite flights end.

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I’ve definitely encountered this problem as well before 22.1 came out. So its been an issue for a while from my experience anyway…

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Do you also have aircraft disappearing from the map? Did reinstalling solve the issue? Thanks :)

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