ATC communication

Hi there,

Is there any way as a Tower controler to let the Appr controler know which runway you prefer?

For example at EGLL… 27L and 27R are active but you want a take off and landing runway and want to let the appr know which runway is prefered.

Thanks already!

The best way is to pick a direction and hope that app recognizes your plan and goes along with it. If you can find their IFC tag, you can PM them, but there’s no way to tell the controller in-game what your plan is.


On expert server, all frequencies establish an ongoing communication via slack. This way they ensure to share all relevant information to the other guys.

I hope that clarifies


Cpy all. I just think there has to be something like a button for the tower to show dep and arr which runway is prefered.

On the ES, the ATIS also provides information for approach as to which runways have specific uses. Obviously this isn’t available on the TS, so you are stuck trying to communicate here on the forum through messaging as stated.

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