ATC communication

As a new feature sometime, it would be nice and very handy to have a chat box available in the tower view so the nearby controllers can talk to one another, for example if one plane is on a different frequency, but in your airspace, somebody could say “billy bob joe is communicating with me” or things like this, to avoid constant on guard requests.


There is another topic (I don’t recall which) where @philippe and I talked about this idea. I think he has it and is thinking through how. In the meantime I am in IF on my iPad and talk often talk to a partner controller on my iPhone using Facebook Messenger.

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Yeah, it would just be a problem to get all the controllers in one message. It would be easier to do it right in the app I think. For me, I do not have another device, so I couldn’t have one for messenger and the other for IF. I just switch back and forth quickly.

I’m not a huge fan of in app messaging. The screen is only so big, start adding additional boxes and your screen is gone.

That’s clearly a concern, especially if you are using a phone instead of a tablet. Maybe it is an other screen like the tower view and radar view is today. I like the idea, but the “how” will be important…if it happens at all.

That’s about the only way it would work. Good thought though.

I was thinking it could just be another tiny box in the tower view, a box like the cam and menus box. Then you could tap on “chat” which just opens up a menus type thing. Just like the ATC menus.

I was thinking… What if the messaging box for communicating with other controllers was just another tab in your frequency tabs on the left just like ATIS? Just tap it, choose which controller(s) to message and send!


Later today, something like this could be really helpful, because we have a bunch of controllers I a small vicinity. With heavy traffic. That way approach controllers could say “guys, I’ve got N267AY”

If you tap on the aircraft when on map view it will tell you who’s freq they’re tuned to anyway.

This is a great idea, especially for approaches to tell them what runways you are using.

Time to reopen the subject in features.

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This is a really a good idea. If you’re just controlling ground you often don’t know which runways the Tower wants to use.

Sorry guys, just noticed I bumped this topic a year later LOL!