ATC Communication

Im not sure what is going on but my ATC just doesnt send the messages through. I was just on the New York area and I couldnt establish communication with approach.

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Try restarting your device and make sure your internet connection is strong.

Are you experiencing similar issues to what is mentioned in this post?

Same here. Except for ground and tower. Approach doesnt work.

Im on WIFI and Tower and Ground works.

It happened to me to

Yes,same thing happened at KJFK

Can you please give us more information, such as the device you are using and the OS version you are on?

I am using a Galaxy S8+ on T-mobile. This is the fourth time thid happened two of them resulting on a ghosting and my grade decreased.

It’s possible that it wasn’t on your end, because if it was, it wouldn’t be likely that tower and ground would work just fine. I’m sorry about the ghosting, I would talk to a mod. Most likely just the approach controller having a bad connection.

If this is the solution, you know what to do.

I didnt get ghosted today because I left the session before it happen. But I did get ghosted in the past and the mods fix it right away.

Okay. I can say with 70% confidence it was the approach controller’s connection. Do you remember who it was? I would otherwise PM someone from IFATC and see who was controlling at the time.

I cant remember who it was.

But at the same time I tried to establish communication the controller was vectoring other people.

Oh… did you restart your phone pre-flight? If so, try talking to an approach frequency now. Another thing you may want to try is go into TS1 and become an approach controller. You don’t have to try or anything like that, just make sure you can vector people and talk to people.

If the latter suggestion doesn’t work, uninstall and reinstall the app. That should solve the problem. Thanks for all of your patience and information

Ok. I will try that again tomorrow. Thanks

Restart your device. Is your ATC volume all the way up? (In settings). Is your ringer muted? Is your volume all the way down? Re-Install infinite flight. WiFi might not work. All scenarios that have happened to me, plenty… plenty of times.

He has been ghosted in the past for this issue, so it’s not a volume issue with ATC.

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