ATC Communication Problems

I was on the expert server today at CYYZ (Toronto International), and I requested to taxi to runway since I had push-backed a few minutes earlier. However ground wasn’t responding to any of the requests coming in for a few minutes, so I was wondering if it’s fine to repeat last message if the tower doesn’t respond for an amount time?

At the time Ground wasn’t responding to any aircrafts, however did after a few minutes.

The controllers may have been issuing connection issues.
If the controller doesn’t respond to you on the ground, re-log and see how that goes. If you’re inbound and you have communication issues change your display name to NORDO


I think it’s callsign to NORDO

i’d do both then


What does NORDO mean?

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No radio. NORDO lets the controller know that you are having radio problems.

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basically means radio / communication failure. Transmitting in the blind

“No Radio”

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No R a d i o

Ah, thanks! I will keep that in mind when controlling


Don’t do that… it won’t do anything
Edit: sorry, just read the rest of the replies, is that an actual thing that IFATC will acknowledge?

Yes @InfiniteFlightDeck.
But like most situations, it’ll be greatly appreciated if you actually don’t use it without any reason 🙂.
Aka it’s not a way to be ghost proof…


Yeah, that’s what I thought. Never seen this before and most certainly will not be trying it 😂

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Also just a note, please read the entire topic and replies before replying to something :)

It’s a thing, I’ve had aircraft come in when I control and either their display name or callsign is NORDO, I still give them the commands appropriate so all other aircraft knows what’s going on. Additionally their ‘radio’ may start working again :)

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