ATC communication like vatsim


Is there a feature where I can vote for atc communication like in vatsim, where you can speak to the controller or pilot instead of the speech to text engine?

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Voice ATC will not be a feature in Infinite Flight, as stated by the devs. Too many ways to abuse it.


Basically it’s not coming in the near future because of it’s potential to change ATC from a communication function of the app to a international dumpsterfire, and that’s even without considering laws protecting children.

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Makes sense, Thanks anyways

and also, if you have a heavy accent, it will be quite hard to find out what they are saying. and most people will not have mics that are good

That’s the challenges of the real world as well. Also keep in mind that not all pilots know how to correctly talk in the aviation language. The way we have currently is a beginners guide to ATC comms and it works really well! I wouldn’t see it removed in the coming future.

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As devices get more advanced there will be an obvious desire for voice communications in Infinite Flight. Introducing voice creates a number of technological and moderation related issues with users from around the world from all different age groups. You are welcome to discuss and vote on some of the existing Features requests regarding voice. Perhaps in the future there will be a way to prevent abuse and mitigate any issues to make voice safe for all.