ATC communication issue

I am using the iPad 6th gen 2018. For some reason whenever time I am inbound or contacting frequency ATC doesn’t respond, and they keep giving me on guard warnings. it’s only whenever I go on expert server. And also for some reason I can’t see other aircraft and I often get ghosted for that. So is there a way to stop this issue. I have also restarted the app, reinstalled It and cleared cache but everything including the API service is green and my Wi-Fi is perfect. So is there anything you can do to fix This?

I know that you mentioned that your Wifi is perfect but have you tried resetting your router, power down your device and then relaunch Infinite Flight?

Resetting the router is the best first step in troubleshooting this.


Are you switching apps while flying?

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Nope, I should try that

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No, my screen is always on infinite flight

Are you connecting your device to charger? While flying

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But won’t that disturb the the flight

Nope, I always make sure I’m at least 70% before I fly

Just switch it to airplane mode while the router resets and vacate the airspace for now. You can also land a a nearby airport if able.

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Does this have any relevance to the comm issue?

OK… Happened to me too the same and I got ghosted for it, but know that you need to take screenshot every time it’s happening, if you’ll get ghosted you can ask for removal but only with screenshot

In my device yes… If I put it far away from the router I have problems

We (IFATC) don’t ghost if pilots follow the commands and don’t interfere with traffic. Let’s focus on getting the user’s issue resolved.


I already PM my controller but he said I still could have looked on the map so therefore I got ghosted

I’ve got the same issue yesterday.
Tuning out and in of the frequency helped for me.

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Maybe you, but it happen to me and I did everything good

Just to let you know I’m not flying right now. I was just wondering how I would fix this on my next flight

I’m already half way into my ghost

Do you have any connected apps? Like IF Pax or flight assistant?

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Nope its just the fresh legit infinite flight