ATC communication failure

hello! I’m on a flight right now and the ATC sound has gone away. I don’t hear the communications. This error has already happened to me, but there are times when it sounds again, but in this case, it doesn’t.


I believe a game restart should help? Happened to me before and restarting the game fix the issue

It’s a known issue. You might want to tap the voices in your IF settings. If that doesn’t work, restarting the app will fix it.

It did not work, at the end of the flight I restart the application, thanks for the advice

A trick that sometimes works for me is (on ios) to open up control center → tap out of control center → then tap resume (since IF will be paused), and then you can also tap on and tap out on the top right status thingy to put back that green check if that irritates you.

Disclaimer: I don’t remember if my other sounds (sounds other than ATC) were working or not or the specific conditions when this works (I don’t know why it works), so this might not solve anything (but no harm in trying to see if the sound comes back).

This worked but after a while it broke again

When the other option didn’t work I tried this it came back for a few seconds and left

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If someone knows any other solution, please comment on it or if not, wait for it to be solved :)

I’m glad to hear it worked for at least a few seconds, unfortunate that it went away for a few seconds and then left. For me, it generally comes back for the rest of the flight, not just a few seconds.

After a few days I continue with the same error and the same thing happens to me every flight, no matter what I do, the communications are going to fail, is there a solution such as reinstalling the voices of atc or ns, any solution is desperate

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