ATC Commands

Hi everyone,

Just a quick question. i’m flying on live at the moment and I just need something clarifying (pardon me if it’s a dumb question!)

So… i’m already flying on heading 120 however ATC asks me to “Turn right heading 120” - does this mean I just continue to fly on my current heading or so I do a right 360? I just confuse myself sometimes.

Thanks in advance!!


Continue your heading of 120


It depends! If the ATC controller is online you continue to HDG 120 but if the ATC controller is offline you must check the distance to the destination airport to make some turn to line up with the Landing Runway! So, remember, you must check every 1/2 minutes if the ATC controller is online!


If there is no Approach ATC Online, there is no way this question wouldn’t arise. Check now and then to see if ATC is online for APP, but normally they will send an On Guard warning so that you can contact him and receive services. The only time to do 360s is when you’re specifically told to do so. Like Brandon said, just fly with the same heading

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