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So, I was flying on Training server. I was on the ILS approach and was tuned to approach. They handed me off to Tower. Tower had me turn left basr. Then i got a message that im in an active airspace contact approach. Switched as directed. Started on final tower asked to switch to them. I switched. Aproach then again while.on final sends “you’re in an active airspace contact approach”. I awutch and then Tower told me to switch back. I finally just stayed with tower and completed my landing. Why was i going back and forth between the 2? I was trying to mangae airspeed and adjusting for landing. Fustrating and i dont want a report on me. Whats the best thug i can do if this happens again?

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Welcome to the community, these atc are not trained in which they don’t know what to do.


Welcome to the Community! I understand your frustration completely, and I am here to help.

As you mentioned, you were flying on the Training Server. Within that server, anyone can open up an ATC frequency and be there as long as they wish. There is no formal training or test to open a frequency on this server. You cannot also be reported by ATC on this server. It’s a Training Server (Hence the name!)

On the Expert server it is another story. All ATC who are open go through a written and practical exam to ensure they can handle traffic in a quality manner. They also must go through a probation period upon joining the team to ensure the quality is met. Commands set by the controllers will be more appropriate than the Training Server. You can be reported in this server by Air Traffic Control or a user of higher standing within the community for “misbehaving” (it’s a loose word, but just fly and listen and you should be set to go).

There really is nothing you can do about poor service on the Training Server. Pilots and controllers can do what they please with some restrictions (speed, acrobatics, etc). I would recommend you try to reach for Grade 3 and hop on the Expert Server. You will enjoy the service a lot more!

I have linked some neat articles for your convenience to look at. Feel free to find them below:

Expert Server ATC Recruitment

Violations within Infinite Flight


I am a grade 3 currently. Just seems to have more airports that have ATC on the training server vs Expert. I jump back and forth between them. Just didnt know if i could still get a violation if I proceeded correctly vs going back and forth. Thabks for your reply. It puts thungs in perspective.

It was already mentioned above, but I would reiterate that you can still get the automatically generated level 1 violations on TS with or without ATC present. These include taxiway speed violations, aerobatics near airport violations, runway idle violations, and overspeed while flying violations.

ATC on the training server can’t report you.

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