ATC Commands

Being controlling on Expert for some time now, I feel addition of certain ATC commands will ease the work load of controller. Please put in your valuable advise and votes.

  1. Tower “Behind the aircraft on final, Line up and wait behind the aircraft on final”
    This command is used to expedite departure in busy hours as tower can say in advance for aircraft to line up behind and tower can concentrate on other aircraft inbound. not having to concentrate on when the aircraft has passed the intersection. I know many would argue that pilot will misread the command and line up instantaneously but there is no hardcore aviation term involved in this command. will expect pilots to understand the command as ATC has made sure to mention "Behind the Aircraft on final twice.

  2. Tower “Departure Ahead”
    While listening to many active ATC I heard ATC mentions the aircaft on final that there is a departure ahead of you so maintain seperation and speed accordingly. as I have seen many go around because of this. so when we say an aircraft holding short to line up behind we tell the Aircraft no. 2 in sequence departure ahead of you.

  3. Tower “Too high” and " descend and make 360 until down to (altitude)
    This is self explanatory. At present tower use descend to pattern altitude and maintain slowest practical speed once they know aircraft is too high. but most of the time they don’t make it and make random 360 right in the nose of ILS cone. with this command we can control that.

  4. Ground “Hold short on next taxiway intersection.”
    This command will save many hours not concentrating on taxiways for aircraft separation. in real life it used as for eg. "taxi via November kilo alpha hold short of juliet. since we don’t have airport chart we can use this when we know there might be a conflict.

  5. Ground “Turn left/right, Go straight”
    As said we don’t have airport map. so we have no control of what rote aircraft takes to runway. these command will give us some control over it.

  6. Ground “Taxing too fast”
    At present we don’t have this. do not cut in line or maintain safe distance don’t serve purpose on many occasion.

  7. Ground “Going in wrong direction”
    Many times it would be helpful to let pilots know they are taxing in wrong direction.

Thanks for reading my post. do consider vote if you too feel the need. also I know many of you will not want all the commands but some. please choose bellow.

  • Tower Line up behind
  • Tower Departure ahead
  • Tower Too high / 360 descending to (altitude)
  • Ground Hold short of taxiway intersection
  • Ground Turn commands on taxiway
  • Ground Taxiing too fast
  • Ground Going in wrong direction

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We’ve had a couple of posts in the past, with proposals for new and extra ATC instructions. A number have been implemented.

This I find a nicely setup feature request and I do recognise the need for many of these. I don’t mind that this request returns.

I’m not a real life pilot; are these instructions that are used in real life as well?


This seems like a really good idea, I like it!

yes. They are very much used in real life.

I’d make a change to the first option; “Behind the aircraft on final, line up and wait behind the aircraft on final.”

The second ‘aircraft on final’ is somewhat redundant, perhaps better written as “After the aircraft on final, line up and wait.”

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no. in real world its behind the aircraft on final. and always interpreted as behind no.1 on final. if you want it to lineup after 2. command is sent after 1st one lands.

Yes. That is obvious. Otherwise there’d be big problems…

I was referring to your actual command, hence the apostrophes. No second aircraft in the situation at all.

yes referring to that only its said behind instead of after in real life

I think the FDS May bring an update after reworks and a few other stuff to where you get more specific instructions from ground.
I see a lot of people wanting this and I hope we see it cause it would be nice to have an assigned taxi route
This would help pilots on ground be much more organized and it brings the realism up a notch too


Yeh depends what country though. Either way

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yeah may be. it may differ from country to country. dont know about that.

I really enjoyed your proposal. They have commands there that are extremely useful for both TS and the Expert Server.

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Was just thinking about how useful having taxi turn commands would’ve been earlier at EHAM. I needed aircraft to turn away from traffic that would’ve been exiting, it wasnt close enough yet to issue a command to give away, but if i couldve told an aircraft to get on a different taxiway, it would have gone a long way to avoid further issues

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It’d be nice to have how far the aircraft is, for example a 1 mile final

We need more control over aircraft on the ground. Even basic turn right/left commands combined with, “follow aircraft ahead,” (mimics aircraft sequencing on the ground) should greatly reduce the number of conflicts encountered on the ground and free up controller attention.

The turn right/left commands will also make it easier for instructing aircraft to taxi on runways since we have no good, clear commands for that.


not necessarily needed. its always assumed the aircraft landing no. 1

exactly my point. we have zero control of aircraft on ground.

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I am a huge fan of more commands, and the single command I have always wanted is line up and wait, behind the aircraft on final. Hopefully, this will get implemented

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What about fly runway heading maintain XXX thousand feet then contact Departure 🤔

Oh, that’s is a good one to, why haven’t I thought of that yet