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Hello friends. I am new to simulation so XP level is low. That’s why I fly at entry level. There are some questions that are in the mind. I am doing it wrong or the other players are doing it wrong. I want to learn this. I get permission from ATC to do taxi. I’m going to the track. I am waiting in the hold short before entering the track. I am sending an Atc command for takeoff. The answer he gave me was:

Line up and wait Runway 07R

Wait for that to get into the track. Is not it? I am waiting, but those who are waiting for the track are entering the track. Am I wrong?

Another warning:

Holding short Runway 07R
Hold Short of Runway 07R

These warnings say that we should not enter the track. I have to wait.

‘’ Cleared for takeoff ‘’ ATC needs this permission. Is not it?

I’m not allowed to enter the track without this permission. Please do not get mad at me. A lot of people are waiting in my back. I am waiting to enter the piste. But, they do not. He’s on the track. As they enter the piste another aircraft landing on the same track. They go through each other. Are these correct?

My English is a little bad. I apologize to all of you for this. Please be understanding :)

When the ATC say line up and wait…you enter the runway and wait
Unless the command say cleared for take off…you don’t wait,you just take off
Not following commands will occur in other servers such as training and casual because ghosting is not enforced…but in expert you follow exactly everything the ATC says… and you don’t have to worry about people behind you as long as your following the rules and commands of the ATC your Good!
Hope this helps

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How so ? The runway must be clean for takeoff. ATC does not give this command.
Does ‘’ line up and wait ‘’ mean to enter and wait on the piste?
It is illogical. Because when this command arrives, there are planes landing.

When an ATC says “Hold Short Runway __”, do not cross the yellow hold short line with any part of the aircraft.

When ATC says “Line up and wait Runway __”, you are cleared to enter the runway, line up to the right heading and wait to take off. Strobes should be on as you pass the hold short line.

When ATC says “Cleared for Takeoff Runway __”, it is only then that you can commence takeoff.


The problem is that you are flying on Training Server 1. I know you don’t meet the requirements for the Expert server, so I know you have no choice of servers with ATC. The problem with TS1 is that most of the controllers do not know what they are doing - anyone can control on TS1. I suggest you watch some of the videos on the Infinite Flight YouTube channel if you need help.
That is why you are being told to line up and wait while planes are landing - the controller is not experienced.
Hope this helps!


Alright once the plane has landed the controller can tell you to line up and wait until the aircraft on the runway exited
Otherwise the operated is new and still learning
You’ll have to bare with such for sometime until you reach expert where everything is according to rules

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absolutely. I guess everyone is doing what they want because XP level is less. These problems do not occur at higher levels.

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I can wait to go up to high levels. I need to sum XP for it :)

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You are here and you ask questions! So you are on the right way!

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What you have to do is remember the correct procedures and focus on what you’re doing, making sure it’s correct - not to worry about what others are doing around you too much.


Thank you. I sleep with the rules. So realism is increasing. I’m flying for higher levels! :)

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Check this…

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If you listen to ATC all the time, you won’t get mad because you know what you’re doing… Have a good day/night and iyi uçuşlar 😊

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