ATC Commands Wishlist (Comprehensive List)

There have been several discussions where someone mentions that an issue may be solved or improved with an addition of an ATC command. Since it probably isn’t a major job to add ATC commands, I thought it would be a good idea to compile a list in one thread so the devs can just look at the list and think about adding them when they get a chance.

I’ll try to keep this list updated in the OP as people request them.

ATC Command Wishlist

Tower Commands

  1. Maintain Visual Separation with {traffic ahead | traffic to right | traffic to left}
  2. Expect late landing clearance
  3. Fly heading XXX, rwy XX cleared for takeoff
  4. Basic vectoring commands: Climb/Descend, Turn left/right heading XXX
  5. You’re on final to the wrong runway [turn right/left/etc?]
  6. Approved ILS/Visual/RNAV/GPS approach rwy XXX (when approach not active?)
  7. Abort takeoff / Stop! (Also instructions to follow: Continue takeoff if able, exit runway and contact ground, etc?)
  8. Back taxi rwy xx, cleared for [immediate] takeoff.
  9. Back taxi rwy xx, hold short [& stay on this frequency].
  10. After departure, contact xxxx departure/center. Cleared for takeoff.

Approach Commands

  1. Report Airport in sight (Pilot reply: Airport in sight)
  2. Enter holding XXXX
  3. Approved visual/RNAV/GPS approach rwy xxx
  4. Maintain present heading
  5. Finer heading instructions (fly hdg 35 instead of just 30 or 40)

Departure Commands

  1. Fly direct [fix name]
  2. Maintain present heading

Center Commands

  1. Fly direct [fix name]
  2. Maintain present heading

Ground Commands

  1. Taxi via / hold short [taxiway] / etc (these would come if/when taxiway names are implemented)
  2. Attention all aircraft, stay on ground frequency until first in line.
  3. Pushback approved facing North/East/South/West.
  4. Pushback approved, runway XX in use.

Pilot Commands

  1. Traffic in sight (Reponse to any ATC asking for report traffic in sight)
  2. (To Tower) Aborting takeoff, exiting runway.
  3. Detailed ‘Check-In’: N1234T with you, Xnm east of X at xxxxft en-route to KXXX.
  4. Response to on-guard outside of airspace: “Currently in contact with xxxx approach, center, tower. Good day.”
  5. Requesting hold at X.


That’s a great idea. I like that, it will come in handy if there is low visibility like Singapore and Kuala Lumpur. :)


So, we have pilots who can’t differentiate between pushback and taxi. Introducing taxiway instructions would make a mess, plus many people don’t know how taxiway instructions work…


This is mainly geared towards people who want a more realistic experience on the advanced server. Not people who “can’t tell the difference between pushback and taxi”. I think we have a long while until taxiway signs are implemented to be able to do this anyway.

Personally I’m more interested in the air commands rather than ground.


I’d just like to make clear the point of this topic again.

If I come across any ATC command ideas in other threads, I’ll add them to the list here. If anyone has any ideas of their own, please post them here.

I just want a clean list of commands that we do not yet have and leave it up to the devs to implement them if they choose. It is just easier than them getting lost in multiple threads.




example: “Attention All Aircraft, Los Angeles International Is Only Using Runway (X), (or if two or more runways X , X & X. Inbound traffic approach runway X”

Would be very helpful.


That shall be awesome. Especially when people realise that IRL LAX uses 25L and 24R for Departures, and 25R and 24L For Arrivals :)


That’s basically the point of ATIS :)


I want that ground comments

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Yes but at vatsim also Eveone knows how he most taxi because you most PREPARE YOUR FLIGHT

I WAN’t more realisme

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Tower commands:
Turn right/left with or without heading xxx
Youre on the wrong runway final
ILS approval (like the approach when station is not active)

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Updated the OP with some of your suggestions. Keep 'em coming! Thanks!

Updated. We need some commands to deal with situations like aborted takeoffs. Pilots should be able to tell tower their intentions if unable to takeoff or takeoff was aborted (e.g. “Takeoff aborted, exiting runway”, etc.). Tower may also want to tell a pilot to abort takeoff, stop, hold position instead of ‘cancel takeoff clearance’ if the situation is more urgent.

EDIT- Wrong post. Sorry. ;-;

This so much. This one is actually a must. As tower, planes are often on the wrong final of an inactive runway and refuse to use another runway.


I got ghosted this past weekend as I was flying on an active airspace at 18000ft en-route to another airport. SoCal gave me vectors which includes descending and I did not know what to respond, and while I was amused, BOOM, ghosted. e.g. KNUC to KPSP, you have to pass KLAX/KSAN approach. I wished to have a command:

‘Flying over’/‘en-route’/‘passing’


I think you should have asked for flight following (or vectors) to airport x (your destination).


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for flying to a fix, i think the best for atc option is :

1 select the plane
2 select a option like “fly direct”
3 select a fix (like click it for flightpath selection)


Being able to access the ATIS from anywhere would be great too. Most of the time (even in the advanced server) by the time I’m in range for the ATIS, approach is calling me on guard.