ATC Commands Wishlist (Comprehensive List)

Didn’t know it was prohibited in the US…sry

I’d like to see “Maintain safe distance from aircraft ahead” and “give way” commands added to the tower commands - this is handy when people in the queue switch to tower.


Great suggestion! Couldn’t agree more. The command could be under pattern intstruction/separation/X Nm

“Maintain 4nm seperation from aircraft on final”

Ground command:
Pushback changed (for the upcoming release of global and engine startup)
ex. Air Canada 812, ready for pushback and startup

@AR_AR… MaxSez: just saw this! It’s about time you got your stuff together and contributed! These call where a Long time coming. “Do Good Work”! Note there still not implemented what’s the FDS excuse this time? Warm Regards.image


Tower or ground command:
You’ve taxied to the wrong runway, please taxi to runway X

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Lol, this is true, even when i follow instructions given i dont know if ground isnt keeping track or something but i get the same commands over in some cases

First, this is not the proper use of “go around”.

Second, the commands already exist: “Enter left/right downwind runway 27”. That is telling the pilot not to land on 09.


I would like the command, "Mayday! (Problem)

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Just no.

Not a good idea - it would be abused and there are no failures in IF anyway.

People want IF to be more like a sim - if you want that, you don’t want fun and fiery failures being added, and people spamming mayday.


I have belly flopped a few while being zoned in on the indicators, especially during tough approaches. Would a tower command such as " Delta419… check gear down. " be of any use? Or am I the only one that has unfortunately mastered the occasional penguin landing?

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I don’t think it is ATCs job to monitor what the pilots should be monitoring 😉


When someone checks in, it could be nice to have a response like
Pilot: JBU1900, with you
Center: JBU1900, welcome aboard

  1. no for your request

  2. yes we probably all done that

  3. I think you need to check this out:


What if we had squak commands! But as I think of that it would require more than just an ATC command.

This would be useful, particuarly the late landing clearance one

I have a feeling a lot of this will become necessary with global. Good list.

Submenu under Check Help:

I.e. Check Help regarding requesting takeoff, check help pattern legs, check help on proper requests of approach (ILS Approach/RV/FF).

Not a complete list, but maybe if pilots didn’t just panic when they heard Check Help, and they knew which tutorial they might need to check, more than 0 percent would actually “Check Help Pages” and maybe if we’re lucky, even a few might stop requesting takeoff remaining in pattern as they fly off into the horizon. One can dream.


This is very true. It’s hard to know what you’re doing wrong sometimes. (Of course, I never get anything wrong 😉)


One of my favorite parts of listening to live ATC in the real world, is the respect and etiquette between the professionals. There rarely is a time when handing off a pilot or a pilot departing a controllers airspace when the two don’t say things like “good day, so long, bye-bye, etc.”. Currently it’s available when only requesting a frequency change and the controller approves the change without specifying another frequency. The camaraderie is one of my favorite aspects of this industry 🤙🏾

It would be awesome to hear those when all frequencies issue a handoff command to a pilot.

“NF208J Contact tower on 121.87, good day”. “Contacting tower on 121.87, NF208J, bye-bye.”

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