ATC Commands Wishlist (Comprehensive List)

Or landing? Winds x gusting at x cleared to land

I mean, what will it take, 20 extra seconds? It also doesn’t matter if it’s automatic. It could be the same system that you just clear for takeoff, but the voice includes the winds. The moment you see the takeoff clearance, you can takeoff, so the flow of traffic wouldn’t be affected.

Have you ever controlled an airport with 10-20 movements at the same time? You get a headache after a while when listening to that voice all the time. And for controllers, we need audible cues all the time. Yes sure as a pilot you can just see it, but remember – it’s the same for the controller.

I have controlled busy airports with a 20-30 second voice delay. It’s not fun to hear a go-around announcement 20 seconds after it has happened.

You get a headache anyway though. Adding this will just be adding a couple more words to a sentence. I mean, the pattern instructions+sequencing combined (which is a command), is pretty long, and tower controllers deal with it.

At this point, we are simply talking about a couple more words.

but what would it benefit you? You can see the wind direction and intensity in real time in your HUD, the reason why controllers announce the winds on takeoff is so the pilots doesn’t forget if they are heading into a crosswind etc. or if the winds have changed since they listened to the ATIS. But in IF you see it all the time, so I really don’t understand what you are going for here…

You clearly don’t see my point, so I’ll refrain from arguing more -.-

Ok now I see your point @Mats_Edvin_Aaro. I guess it wouldn’t benefit you, but it would just add realism. I realize that you have all these things on your hud though.

Automated Voce ATIS at each active Airfield.

Something along the lines of:

XX Airfield information X, time XXXX Zulu QNH XXXX, runway XX in use, winds XX @ XX knots.

@AR_AR could you make this a wiki?

I believe that the simple “Roger” could be added to the “'misc messages” section.

“You are already instructed to cross runway XX"
"Tower ATC already instructed you to cross runway XX”

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Disregard noncompliance from aircraft and follow instructions…

Pilot sent:

Mayday, VFR into IMC, request vectors back to VMC

I’ve encountered this on expert before, its deadly. Flying VFR along the northbound LAX corridor suddenly ecountered dense fog, found a false horizon, banked 90 and stalled.

We need a way to prevent this

Would be useful for Approach/Center and Departure frequencies.

Centre isn’t in global :) but yes for approach and departure

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Haha, If they decide to do an update before Global. I suppose they won’t do it because Laura said that they’re almost there.

A command i would like as a transition, lets say KMIA.
CHR1S cleared through the class bravo, miami altimeter 3018. And once you’re leaving “Radar services terminated leaving class bravo frequency changed approved”

I’m not sure if someone has requested this before. But I see sometimes airport had to be closed due to low visibility. I think it would be helpful if there’s a Broadcast message like this

  • “Attention All Aircrafts, Tower is unable to provide services at this time due to the low visibility”

What do you all think about it?


For tower/approach/center controllers it would be really great to see a miscellaneous message “please expedite descent”. My colleagues in IFATC would agree that we often have people way too high coming in for landing. Although there is “descend to pattern altitude” and “please expedite” I think this is more direct to the point of that you are too high and AFAIK there isn’t anything on approach/center other than “please expedite”.


Yep that is true I even see that when I’m normally flying on expert Planes coming into airspace at FL170 and barely contacting Approach That isn’t right at all! @IFATC-Tim