ATC Commands Wishlist (Comprehensive List)

Well, as a pilot… if I am told to please follow instructions and I am not sure what am I doing wrong I will stop, take a look at the last instructions and verify if what I am doing is what has been requested to me.

I’ve done this in the past, by the way. I was told to taxi to runway 04 and taxied to runway 09 (or vice-versa). 9 and 4 look similar to me if I am not wearing my glasses, which was the case. The controller issued me a please follow instructions and I looked at the log and noticed my mistake.

The controller can also repeat the command, I do this all the time. “Please follow instructions”. “Taxi to runway 09, contact tower when ready”.

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@MannyG… Recognize there’s semantic issue here on the command “Please Follow instructions”. What instructions ? Considering the multi levels of expertise within the Pilot community I consider this command an incomplete declarative instruction. It’s like “Read the Tut’s or some such”. What Tutes". This instruction would better serve as " Please Follow YOUR LAST instruction"


That’s not a bad idea Max…


Nothing lasts forever.

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I thought you died or sumtin


We need a command for those guys that “exit” the runway but sit short of the hold line, still on the runway.

Man that gets frustrating, especially when I tell them to “please expedite, traffic on final” and I’m tying to get a departure out before that next arrival.

I see this happen far too often on Expert. Maybe something like, “N123AB, you’re on the active runway. Please expedite!”.


Why do you want them to hold short of the line line and remain still on the runway? I though you want them to exit?

EDIT: see here, you want people to go past the hold lines Please taxi past the hold short line after landing immediately!

That’s what he means, people who don’t go over the hold short line when exiting the runway

“Do not test my patience”


Ah, I understand now. Thanks.

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I really like these commands and would love for them to be implemented. The “proceed Direct” would help lots of pilots with the flight plans of if their flying visual for traffic. Another command I would like is "______ turn 10 degrees left for traffic. Great ideas man!

I have one… X, behind the landing X (Aircraft type) line up and wait runway X behind.

Reply would be Runway X behind the Landing X (Aircraft rype) line up and wait. X.

Or it could be:

Behind the Landing X (Aircraft type):

Cross runway X, behind.

Back taxi runway X, behind.

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Commands like “NGHAL28, winds at 240 degrees, gusting at 20kts, cleared for takeoff.” This could also apply for landing.

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This is something you need to check yourself, you can check the METAR and your instruments prior takeoff. Imagine how much longer it would take Tower to add this pretty much redundant information?
The only thing I could think of, is that you get that information automatically when switching to the tower frequency.

Well in real life wind is included with your take off clearance. I agree though, may delay things in IF and be unnecessary.

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Put In Request Holding Pattern

@ATK @Julius97 I suggest it’s automatic

Noo, it will take too much time to say “wind 250 degrees 14 gusting 26 knots” every time you clear someone for takeoff ://

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I want go-around instructions! Either defined in the same way as we issue missed approaches (by dragging the magenta line to set a heading as well as an altitude) or a predefined missed approach procedure, e.g. “Fly runway heading to 5000ft”.
This will make sure people perform a proper go around instead of just turning back before the threshold messing up your sequence…

I also want more customization for ATC. The ability to change the length of the leading line – the ability to customize tags (set what you want to see, if you want to see a simplified tag on all planes at the same time etc). and as I’ve mentioned before – the ability to sketch on the map. Trailing dots would also be pretty cool to determine speed and direction.


That’s what I mean. If you request for takeoff, the system generates the current data and you get information about wind, it’s direction, gusts and visibility maybe

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