ATC Commands Wishlist (Comprehensive List)

I’m not sure if someone has requested this before. But I see sometimes airport had to be closed due to low visibility. I think it would be helpful if there’s a Broadcast message like this

  • “Attention All Aircrafts, Tower is unable to provide services at this time due to the low visibility”

What do you all think about it?


For tower/approach/center controllers it would be really great to see a miscellaneous message “please expedite descent”. My colleagues in IFATC would agree that we often have people way too high coming in for landing. Although there is “descend to pattern altitude” and “please expedite” I think this is more direct to the point of that you are too high and AFAIK there isn’t anything on approach/center other than “please expedite”.


Yep that is true I even see that when I’m normally flying on expert Planes coming into airspace at FL170 and barely contacting Approach That isn’t right at all! @IFATC-Tim


Would be sweet for the realism factor, but I also love the challenge of flying in at that time too.

If there was real weather, such as lightning, then it’d be cool to have airports close and have to stay in a holding pattern and or divert

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There was one time I remember that an IFATC controller needed to stop all traffic at JFK because it was below landing minimums, the message you described would be a lot more useful than some of the other messages.


Would like to add this to the list as well.


VRP’s (Visual Refrence points) could possibly be used in the Expert Server only (As on the Training Server that are just going to abus it) if the Controller/Pilots could type the VRP for example:

Controller: N264MC After departure right hand turn out to the Seaforth VRP not above 1500 feet VFR Sqk 5010 QNH 999 Hectopascals.

Obviously that is just an example, but it could be shortened to fit.

Another example: N264MC a Cirrus SR22 to the North at 2000 feet would like to join Liverpool Controlled Airspace via the Kirby VRP.

Maybe to much to ask? Leave your thoughts!


As the satilite imagery will only be about 1px per 50 feet, I think it would be too hard for pilots to see visual points unless the point is partucally large. (Like a mountain or highway.) While this is a good idea, I just don’t think it’s practical.

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I don’t know that this is not realistic but with global coming
People attempting to do long flights would need the right amount of fuel, some may be lazy and just choose any amount.( Which could be very little and crash into the sea enroute to Honolulu from Chicago)
I would like to be able to tell other aircrafts to re. Route to a nearby airport to refuel. ( Us controllers would tell them to turn back to LAX to refuel and then proceed on course, or else they crash far from the destination’s)
I think this would be a good thing so we can help other people that have the wrong amount of fuel to make it to their destination.
What do you guys think about this?

While this would be nice, fuel should be a pilots responsibility and not ATC. I heard that there is going to be something in game to help make fuel calculations based on distance (err… at least that’s what I remember), so I don’t think this will be an issue. And, according to Tyler, enroute controllers (I.e. Center), who would be responsible for handling a diverting aircraft, won’t be in the first release of global.


Ok, thanks very much.
I can trust you you are IFATC

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That’s not true as of right now ☹️. I’ll try to find the posts that support my claims, so you can read it for yourself.

EDIT: @ORDspotter , this is all I could find for now. Couldn’t find a source for the claim about the in game fuel calculator:


Yeah thanks,that’s fine.
I trust you
Good day to you

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I propose a

“XXXXX, ready to taxi, remaining in the pattern.”

This could be used by pilots to lighten the workload of controllers and lighten the work pilots need to put in if changing patterns. IRL, you would also say this/where you were departing on ground frequency. I’d love to hear opinions to this before I add it to the list.

Edit: thought this was a wiki. @AR_AR Please add. (Make wiki if possible.)

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I always feel empty when I tell a TS1 pilot that they are taxing through grass, or they are taxing through buildings.

Maybe when a controller tells a pilot: 'Do Not Taxi Through Grass’
The pilot can tap the response at the top: 'Do Not Taxi through Grass (Callsign)'
Or better yet,

ATC: 'Do Not Taxi Through Grass’
Pilot: ‘I’m sorry N9CMA154’

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There could be also a broadcast message to let anybody know at the same time which runway(s) a controller is using. Then they probably won’t taxi the wrong way anymore… and the command ‘you are taxiing in the wrong direction’ could also be a good one.

They shouldn’t need one to tell them active runways they know where to taxi from the taxi clearance

yes i know, but the thing is. On TS many unexperienced pilots are not following the instructions. It happened to me a lot that is was controlling EGBB and was using 33 for landing and takeoff and some pilots were just taxiing to 15 and requested for takeoff which causes major delays at that moment.

Sadly I don’t think a broadcast active runway command would help this. It’s simply people disobeying command sadly and it’s just part of TS1

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unfortunately it is… Hope it might change at any time.

Thanks for the response :)

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