ATC Commands Wishlist (Comprehensive List)

I would like the command, "Mayday! (Problem)

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Just no.

Not a good idea - it would be abused and there are no failures in IF anyway.

People want IF to be more like a sim - if you want that, you don’t want fun and fiery failures being added, and people spamming mayday.


I have belly flopped a few while being zoned in on the indicators, especially during tough approaches. Would a tower command such as " Delta419… check gear down. " be of any use? Or am I the only one that has unfortunately mastered the occasional penguin landing?

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I don’t think it is ATCs job to monitor what the pilots should be monitoring 😉


When someone checks in, it could be nice to have a response like
Pilot: JBU1900, with you
Center: JBU1900, welcome aboard

  1. no for your request

  2. yes we probably all done that

  3. I think you need to check this out:


What if we had squak commands! But as I think of that it would require more than just an ATC command.

This would be useful, particuarly the late landing clearance one

I have a feeling a lot of this will become necessary with global. Good list.

Submenu under Check Help:

I.e. Check Help regarding requesting takeoff, check help pattern legs, check help on proper requests of approach (ILS Approach/RV/FF).

Not a complete list, but maybe if pilots didn’t just panic when they heard Check Help, and they knew which tutorial they might need to check, more than 0 percent would actually “Check Help Pages” and maybe if we’re lucky, even a few might stop requesting takeoff remaining in pattern as they fly off into the horizon. One can dream.


This is very true. It’s hard to know what you’re doing wrong sometimes. (Of course, I never get anything wrong 😉)


One of my favorite parts of listening to live ATC in the real world, is the respect and etiquette between the professionals. There rarely is a time when handing off a pilot or a pilot departing a controllers airspace when the two don’t say things like “good day, so long, bye-bye, etc.”. Currently it’s available when only requesting a frequency change and the controller approves the change without specifying another frequency. The camaraderie is one of my favorite aspects of this industry 🤙🏾

It would be awesome to hear those when all frequencies issue a handoff command to a pilot.

“NF208J Contact tower on 121.87, good day”. “Contacting tower on 121.87, NF208J, bye-bye.”

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“See ya’”, is more common than you may realize.


Absolutely, that’s another common one heard over liveATC. It’s not that I didn’t realize the commonality of “see ya”, it’s more that it didn’t come to the top of my mind when typing my reply lol. But you feel what I’m sayin 👊🏾

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Maybe we could have different small goodbye phrases like some mentioned above, and it picks one at random when we give aircraft a frequency change.

Even though that’s low on the priority list, it adds realism.

Would like to see more beneficial commands before this though.


Here is one for the approach controller:

A plane requests an ILS/GPS/whatever approach for a particular runway. That specific runway is not in use.

How about a command that says something like “######, requested runway is unavailable, expect vectors for runway ## approach.”


We don’t need that. Telling them to expect vectors for the runway they are given is all they need to know. The reasoning is irrelevant. Whether it’s unavailable, not-in-use, they’re in a plane with slow approach speeds, the runway isn’t long enough, it’s all superfluous. The runway to expect is all that’s needed.

And if they can’t tell they’re the only one inbound for 09 at KSAN while 20 others are headed to 27 and need some sort of extra explanation, this won’t help them much.


Well, they need some way to tell them that the requested runway is unavailable. Maybe not on Expert, but definitely on the Training Server.

The commands don’t differ from server to server. I see what you’re aiming at, but understand also that they really don’t need to tell them it’s unavailable. That may not even be the case.

All the pilot needs to know is where they’re going.

If pilots on the Training Server need a 3 page dissertation before they listen, that’ll never change, but negative training isn’t the answer. They need to hear one thing: “Expect vectors for runway 27”.

That tells them not to land 09. End of story.


Could you make this a wiki? That would be very useful