ATC Commands Needed

Scenario: When only ATC is open & Ground isn’t, ATC needs to tell pilots “Wrong runway - Taxi to runway …” the active runway. Other simple Taxi commands could be helpful all stored under a main command line of Taxi Commands for ATC to use. I was ATC and my Ground controller left and chaos started.


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Tell them to back taxi to runway X
This does annoy me though

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Did you know you allow them onto the runway with this command?


To @Kim_Ledbetter: If you cannot communicate with another person who uses the Ground frequency, try to take both Tower and Ground next time you control. If we start adding Ground commands to the Tower frequency, it defeats the purpose of the Ground frequency all together. Plus the extra messages would increase the time to find the right messages to send as Tower. Hope this makes sense.


Going to have to either pair up with someone or be both ground and tower.
Being both ground and tower is manageable at the not as popular airports.