ATC commands in TS1

The Problem
When on the ground or mid-flight on live, I often feel like i am being pulled from frequency to frequency by Ground, Tower, Approach, Departure controllers.

What Happens
If (per say) I have just landed, exited the runway, I have been told to contact Ground (I do so), I then get taxi clearance and I park/power down etc. More than once, I have then recieved an on guard warning from tower, this is repeated because I deny the request (I should be on Ground frq. and I am).
I have noticed that this only EVER occurs when Tower and Ground are controlled by the same person

A similar instance has also occurred multiple times when in coms with the Approach controller, I am being given vectors and pattern instructions before my final approach to landing. I have then received an on guard from Tower before Approach has handed me off!! Or better still, I receive an on guard from Departure, Centre or a different random Tower controller from some nearby airport!!

I understand, that this could purely be down to user error or lack of experience of the controller, but the persistence of some frequency change commands can be quite confusing. If I am send an on guard message, should I ignore it and wait to be handed off by the ATC who’s control I am currently under, or do I seek frequency change permission and switch over to the respective frequency?

Hope this makes sense to anyone, its a complicated issue that requires some explaining.

A.) Only On TS1 will this happen… Step Right Up & Join Expert My Friend!

B.) Heres what you should do:

  • APPR - Tower: When you are aligned on the ILS you contact tower if Tower sends you an on guard. Dont contact Tower Before that if theres an approach

  • Ground - Tower: If you are not holding short of the runway then dont contact tower

  • Tower - Ground: If you are not on the ground then dont worry about it… But if you are exiting the runway, stay on Towers Freq until you have exited the runway

Hope This Helps!



This is being closed to prevent it from turning into 30 people telling you just deal with it since it is TS1. People are learning on TS1 so expect the unexpected.