ATC Commands for RNAV and VOR Approaches

The ATC Commands for RNAV and VOR Approaches Thread

It’s a very catchy title I know

Recently I thought I’d try my hand at flying a VOR approach because I’m bored of just letting LNAV and VNAV do the work and, by doing an approach like this I feel like I’m being a proper aviator. However as I neared the airspace where Approach and Tower were active I quickly realised that the game can’t actually facilitate what I wanted to do I discussed it in my topic My Struggles at St Maarten. Anyway I feel like this is a necessary feature to make best part of the flight more diverse.

How would it be added?

I imagine many of these commands have similarities with the clearances for GPS, ILS and visual approaches. I don’t know all of the phraseology but I’m sure there are people on the dev team who know what they’re doing. And for those of you who don’t know how to do these fun and interesting approaches there’s actually a tutorial for them in the Flight Guide so check that out as well as a YouTube tutorial for VOR navigation.


I don’t expect many people to be screaming for this but those Av geeks and controllers out there who are looking for a different experience in the sim this is the feature for you!

And for those of you with technical questions I would direct you towards the IFATC who have much more knowledge than me. My research on the FAAs website was fruitless. Happy Flying!

Good ATC suggestion!
Same scenario at RJTT.

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I think before this we need curved flight plan first or those procedure turns can never be flown properly.

Also this might increase the confusion among those who know less about different approaches which might cause chaos to ATC.

I personally am with this idea though

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Yes there are a few obstacles but the devs implemented SID and STARS pretty effectively and there was also quite a bit of confusion just after the update shipped but eventually after tutorials and experience people got used to them. I think the devs can do a similar thing here. The other great thing is that it’s optional! People can continue with what their comfortable with if they want.

I believe this is what GPS Approach is for.

They can make an ILS,GPS, visual yet we still miss RNAV and VOR. and yes, I will call my friend this evening and I’m flying with him tomoz so will get the charts

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The GPS approach and VOR approach are two different things I believe

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GPS approach is for RNAV.
If you want to do VOR approach, if it can be programmed into the flight plan, you can ask for GPS, otherwise you need to ask for visual.