ATC Commands Flashing

Hey, community

I am currently doing a flight from Abu Dhabi to LAX. I was in the air doing the usual climb. I contacted Dubai Departure hoping to receive allowance to climb to FL350. As I pressed the ‘Request Altitude’ option nothing happend…so I press it again. Once again nothing happens but I realised that it was flashing yellow. This was very strange. I thought the best thing to do was to tune out of the frequency and tune back in. So I go and press the ‘< Back’ button. Once again it started flashing yellow. So I’m stuck on a non-active frequency.

I have a video of the weird flashing. If anyone would like to see it Private message me.

My device specs

Name: Asus Z500M
Ram: 4GB
Storage: 32GB
Android version: 7.1
Display: 9.7 Inches
Screen Resolution: 1536x2048 Pixels
Battery: 5900mAh

I will be giving updates if anything occurs.

Thank you,
Nick Wing

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Could be a poor internet connection?

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It would be useful to include the video on this thread so all can see and attempt to repro/help


Internet was perfect

For some reason I can’t put it on this thread so here is the video on Instagram.

I know what it could be…

You are out of range for the controller to contact you. So you are getting the notification but you cant actually contact him

I was literally above Dubai so I don’t think that was the cause.

Im going to throw one more thing out there… After that… I have no clue.

Could it be that he requested you to contact him then the controller left leaving you with the command but nothing to contact him on?

  1. No need to tag Laura in it.
  2. Is it reproducable? One time glitches can occur, that’s no big deal.

I contacted the controller

It happend once so far. I can try to see if this happens again


This has been happening to me for aprx 1 week and I feel your frustration. It flashes on and off and seems to be very laggy, resulting in frequesntly sending the wrong messages when you do try to get one out.

Last night I was ghosted from an expert server because of the confusion this brought about while on my final approach to LAX. (I was lined up on the wrong runway which was totally my fault but due to the flashing I was unable to respond to multiple ATC messages and accidentally sent the wrong messages, so the ATC assumed I was an idiot). So frustrating. Even more frustrating was the IF community manager Tyler Shelton pointing out all mistakes I made without acknowledging the laggy server/ATC message issues that led to these mistakes. I hope they get it fixed soon.

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Oh it was acknowledged but that isn’t going to cover the inability to align with the correct runway after countless warnings and reissued instructions. You contacted me to address a ghost. It was addressed.

A technical issue can happily be looked at here in #support. Cheers!


Definitely let us know if it happens repeatedly and try to recall anything significant that may have caused it.

I’ll work to reproduce this as well, as I have heard of other isolated instances but nothing continuous yet. Thanks, Nick!


No problem.
I’ve got another 14hrs so maybe something will happen in that period of time.

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One time glitch as @schyllberg has said.

This has happened to me before, and I just ignore it. After you end your flight, just restart the device.

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