ATC Commands (Controller) - Feature Request

There are a few enhancements I propose to aid controlling.


  • Addition of RWY identifier for Parallel/Converging Patterns for traffic position in VMC conditions

Example KMIA:

  • RWYS 8R, 9, 12 in use
  • United XXXX, Number 1, Runway 12, Cleared to Land.
  • American XXXX Heavy, Number 2, Runway 8R, Cleared to Land, Traffic to Follow is on Final Runway 12.
  • Speedbird XXXX Super, Number 1, Runway 9, Cleared to Land, Hold Short Runway 12, traffic is on final.

Example KSFO

  • RWYS 28L, 28R
  • Alaska XXXX, Runway 28L, Number 1, Cleared to Land
  • United XXXX, Runway 28R, Number 2, Cleared to Land, Traffic to follow is on Final 28L

Taxi Command

At larger and busier Airports, the ability to instruct aircraft to shift to a different parallel taxiway for flow improvement and conflict reduction for arrivals exiting via high-speed turn offs. Although this is possible via Progressive Taxi in theory, the use of those commands rarely produces the desired result in practice due to the time delay. This is further complicated by the more often than not inappropriate Contact Tower when ready included at the end of the initial taxi clearance.


  • Qantas XXXX Heavy, Turn Left Next Taxiway, Join the Parallel Taxiway.

Controller Custom Quick Shortcut Messages

To increase efficiency, provide controllers the ability to create situationally appropriate custom shortcut messages using the existing phrases. These would vary by location and controller position. This could also address the above two suggestions. If this is of interest, please reply with examples and include the location.

  • Enhanced Sequence/Clearance
  • Enhanced Basic Taxi Instructions
  • Custom Rapid Response Command

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For the sequencing and clearing, this would create a lot more unnecessary confusion. In the second case, United would not be sequenced as #2 since runway assignments are different. An aircraft in an approach path of a runway will not be sequenced or cleared according to a different aircraft on an approach path of a separate runway.

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Simultaneous Offset Approach Procedures

Please only request one item per topic! 😊