ATC command

This Is a ATC command.
you’re holding short of runway 22 and a B787 is short final 22,the ATC will tell you to line up and wait behind here’s a example.
Am holding short of 22 and a B787 is short final 22.
Tower:Saudia 123 behind next landing Boeing B787 line up and wait behind.


Is this a real command?

I like the command!

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Yes,it is.


I like this! Definitely would speed up traffic in my opinion. :)


We discussed this earlier, probably last year. One of our experienced members said Conditional Commands are not allowed


Yes i remember,

Maybe we just find a solution for the Line Up and wait
“After the landing of the next aircraft, line up and wait for take off clearance”
Is it this one that are not allowed?

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This is called a conditional clearance. I have brought it up before, since I use it all the time when controlling on vatsim, but I agree that for IF it can be a little tricky. The correct phraseology is as follows:

Scandinavian 2964, behind the arriving Airbus 320, runway 02, line up and wait behind


Basically, I think too many people would misunderstand this command, and line up immediately, which might lead to them getting ghosted. And when we get to the bottom of it, ATC communication is about understanding each other. Although - I wouldn’t be surprised if it were to come at a later stage…


Couldn’t agree more.


This isn’t quite true. The result of the discussion when we last had it was it depended where you are. In the US those that were knowledgeable and commented said conditional commands for entering a runway weren’t allowed apparently. However, in Europe and the UK they very much are allowed and often used.

Btw, if you really want to see an interesting conditional command have a search on “land after” clearances in the UK ;)

However, I am happy to accept that IF does tend towards US procedures and that they wouldn’t be used in IF. Also, as noted by @Mats_Edvin_Aaro, whilst some may understand the command many would not.


Wouldn’t a tutorial help ?

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More ATC commands were confirmed in the next update, hopefully one of those commands is this ;)

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Not everyone would have access or know we’re to find the tutorial.

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