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Hello ifc, i was tower and I was wondering if there was a command that says “requested runway is closed…”. Or is that only for like approach

It’s just poor wording for Radar Vectors when a pilot is not making an initial request for them. It will be removed at some point in the future (one hopes).


I’m not complaining I would like to know if it’s for tower because I have so many planes that come in for red runways and don’t listen

It’s TS maybe that’s why

Oh, no it’s only on radar facilities when you tell them to expect radar vectors which isn’t an option on tower.

On tower, you don’t need to tell them what runway they’re not using, just tell them which runway they are using with your pattern entry. It’s TS, so plenty won’t listen, but the addition of that wording for tower wouldn’t help that particular wuality of TS pilots.

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Is there a tutorial of how to use the command

Is it on misc message or … @Tim_B

@Helicopterzzz you simply assign them a runway by giving a pattern entry.

So say speedbird 23 is coming into EGLL and says “tower, speedbird 23 is 5nm west of the airport at 2000ft, inbound to land, requesting runway 09L”, but you know that 09 isn’t being favoured by the winds so 27 is in use, you’d simply reply with:

“Speedbird 23, enter left/right downwind runway 27L/R”

That way you let the pilot know you want him to enter a left or right downwind for one of the 27 runways. In theory that should suffice, but as it’s TS, a lot won’t listen to it unfortunately. You just gotta learn to shut those who don’t listen to you out and focus on those who really wanna fly and follow the rules :) hope that answers your question.

Now just say I’m approach, what do I do to get to the command “requested runway is closed”

Ooooo, gonna wait for Tim or a radar controller to answer that one, i only do tower, they’ll get back to you soon :)

Ok I only want to bring a end to the trollers on TS

Yeah that’s not gonna happen mate 😂

That’s why there are dreams. 😂

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It’s when you hit the command expect radar vectors to XXXX it makes no sense since radar vectors are just to put them in the traffic pattern and let tower assign the runway.

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