ATC command

I’m a lover of ATC Environnement but there is something.
Let’s say that I’m an APP/DEP Controller.
You’re asking for FL050 but another airplane is at this level.
I can’t deny it and then assign you a new altitude clearance or clear it and assign you a clearance.
There’s some communication that needs an approval or a deny.
I think we need it.

This is a little confusing, not sure really what you’re asking? Do you mean an altitude transition or a climb? I’m pretty sure ATC can deny people a flight level change.

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As a controller you would just assign them a higher Altitude no need to deny them a Altitude them give them a new one


A request to climb or descent.

But IRL they clear/deny them then assign altitude clearance, am I wrong?

No when someone contacts depature theyll say there going up to 5,000 and depature will just say climb and maintain 7,000 if they need them to be higher


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