ATC command to AFK pilots. Notification on device

This probably happened to many of you: You are on the taxiway and the pilot ahead is away from the device, the controller tries to contact him but he does not answer. Maybe he/she went to the bathroom or is answering the door bell, who knows.
My suggestion: Whenever a pilot seems absent, the ATC could send an in-app notification and another one on the device’s notification (Maybe a IF exclusive notification), just like SMS and WhatsApp messages. So, what do you think?


I know when i control tower on TS1 , this is a common problem. I have had a few incidents where aircraft have been blocking important taxiways and three people whom have decided just to stay on the runway threshold causing huge issue for me and other aircraft in my airspace wanting to land!

Definetely not. People would abuse it on the Training Server. Join the IFATC team and you won’t have this problem.

Then allow it only in Expert Server? TS1 is already a mess, people taxi through planes all the time over there…

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Lately more and more of the problems we see on the training servers have been turning up on the expert server…At least I think so.

This is a great idea. It could be paired with my feature request. :)


When a real pilot are on taxi, he doesn’t go to WC while.

Be realistic guys

@MaxSez: Sound like a personal problem. Take your phone or Pad with you on your head call or other distraction. There mobile devices. I recommend Ghosting for a failure to respond on the 2d call… Holding in the taxi line or at th Threshold, Ghost immediately on Expert!. Blow thru them on TR!


I never leave my device until I am at the destination’s gate. Yes, it happened to me, but I was the guy waiting behind one afk pilot at WSSS and KSAN…

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Anyway, after Global, people who fly in their mobile phone will definitely need some notification system as they might leave IF in the background a few times… Just my opinion

When someone is away from the device, would he or she get such a notification?!
Just asking.

And until a pilot license is required to play IF then we will all go to the bathroom during takeoff if that is our choice.

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Please speak for yourself.
Believe it or not; there are people who actually take IF serious and who will therefore make different choices.


@zbelle… A hell of an attitude for a serious aviation enthusiast and pretty good IF Pilot. Shame on you!


Why thank you!

Seriously though guys, just as my response is obviously slanted toward one extreme; so are some of y’alls which make it sound like you should dedicate time to IF with zero interruptions. We are on mobile devices here! 😋

Life happens.

I personally think this is a terrible idea. You wanted global, you got global. If you cant fly for 7 hours, you should have through about that before making a plan. You can’t expect to take off and fly all day unattended while you are at work or school. C’mon. Plan ahead.

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I do expect that, actually.

I already have the perfect throwaway device for it. Guess I’ll be keeping most of my flights on the cool kid servers, later for the hardnose legion.

A notification is even under a slap on the wrist for being AFK. What is the point in notifying if they’re away and won’t see it when it is sent? One could argue it’s for when they come back, but isn’t that too late?

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This is why I mentioned a sound notification… Maybe you are close to your phone, but not looking at it. Think how a notification would help in multitasking while flying long routes or waiting to take off in an enormous line… I suggested this because two afk pilot did interfere my “flight” in a negative way, but I think it would be a good feature for many other reasons.

So, even if I have to time to fly 3,4,7+ hours, I can’t use my PRIMARY phone for all that time? Do you really think that everybody will keep looking at the screen for the entire flight? Who has another device may keep it aside, and probably do another thing and don’t look to it, who only has one device will leave it there, impossible to answer messages, read other stuff, etc.?