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When can you use the “clear of all runways” command? When cleared of all runways at an uncontrolled airport?

Ok so when you finish crossing the runways. That means is your not going to cross anymore runways at an airport. You use the command

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Okay, got it. Thank you!

No problem!

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I’m afraid that’s not correct. You should broadcast “Clear of All Runways” for every runway you finish crossing (and once when initially exiting the landing runway), not just once per session. For example:

I exit RWY17 and pass the threshold, I announce “Clear of All Runways”.
I then want to cross RWY28 to get to parking, so I announce “Crossing RWY28” and once crossed, once again announce “Clear of All Runways”.


At first I did what @Maxim said but then I saw this
The True Meaning of "Clear of All Runways"

So I guess it’s really up to you

See this below regarding the link you send @darkeyes :


When all your aircraft past the hold short line.

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@Maxim If you landed at an uncontrolled airport and there was no active ATC instruction, would you use the command after you exited the runway?

Based on Maxim’s response; yes, to let other traffic know you are no longer on the landing runway so it is clear for them to land/takeoff.

If you’re landing at a controlled airport, ATC will tell you to exit the runway and will know once you have done so.


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