ATC command list

Has anybody created a tiered drop down list of all of the commands available to ATC?

if not, it would be a great study guide for all of the new folks trying their skills on playground ( like me) and maybe even an assist to the advanced controllers during hectic sessions.

Would be a great quick reference that could be printed out.

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I could make a list of all available commands but someone more qualified would need to explain the meanings. I know most but most know more…😎


Very helpful response Matthew - don’t think that we have to have all the explanations in version 1.

just a listing would be helpful.

I know the veterans know all of this but I think it would be a great learning platform.

Everyone is always screeching for better ATC on Advanced (excludes the experts).

let’s create a tool to help us advance to Advanced.

This will take longer than I expected. I will need to include ground, tower, approach/departure & center. Also a pilot is needed in order to show commands.

I’m still working on it but it will just take longer.

If you’re wanting general help with commands check the help pages, file sections and pinned posts on IFFG and IFWP, this forum or ask some of us advanced controllers and we will be happy to help out. I think creating something entirely new would be very hard