ATC Command Idea - Closed Runways

I am noticing a decent number of inexperienced pilots wanting clearance for a closed runway, and ‘arguing’ with me by requesting it multiple times despite my repeated instructions routing them to an open one. That makes me think a

“Your requested runway is closed”

type of command would be useful in a future update. I would appreciate thoughts from others and ask if you have other ideas we can share that might help the FDS team.


Oh. My. Goodness. This would solve almost half of the issues I have while controlling.

@Bill_Kavanaugh Try to be more specific with your title. I can imagine every idea involving ATC commands would have the same name: a good name would be the name of the suggested command (you can edit your own post).

@Thomas_Galvin You know you can “like” the post too :) As dev we can sort post by number of likes, this way we can see what ppl would like the most (similar to our feedback page, if this category is used properly we can think of having all our feedback here in the future).

I’ll pop in here and there to help ppl use this forum to its full capability; don’t mind me :smile:

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Keep training us @philippe. We will get it down after a while. I’m slow, but I’ll get there! 😃

“Requested runway unavilable” would be a better option than “closed” because if a controler wants to customize the arrivals and departures to specific runways if nothing is closed…


Yes please!!!

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I’ve seen many people also takeoff from closed runways and even ATC telling aircraft to taxi to closed runways.

I think allowing a small text box with T9 would be nice. Only from controller to pilots though. It would be a mistake to let pilots type messages to controllers.

So many times i’ve been controlling on tower, and people will be inbound, and requesting to land on a closed runway, they’ll just pretend that they are on an open runway, like, if runway 09L at KLAX is closed, and someone is requesting it, ill say something like, “cleared for landing runway 25R” or something like that, then they’ll say that they’re landing on 25R, but will continue inbound on 09L, and land, even though I told them not to! Grrrrr!