[ATC Command] Be able to tell how many track miles to landing

I often hear on LiveATC that approach tells some plane how many miles to landing.
For example:
ATC: Finnair 4TK1 20 track miles to touchdown
Finnair 4TK1: Roger, 20 track miles to touchdown Finnair 4TK1

Tell me if I missed something.

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You can do this with the ILS glideslope. It shows you how far away you are from it.


But of the controller is doing some patterns that make you fly some extra miles the controller can say that.

Yea he means the ATC command

The inbound command already gives the distance out. As a controller I don’t think we need it again as it would just clog up the frequency. Just my $0.02 worth.

Then as a pilot you can see the distance if you configure the bottom bar and put the airport in your flight plan. You can do this even if you are doing patterns.

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However, that’s pilot to ATC.

This one which he is requesting is ATC to pilot.

Though I’ve never heard such a usage here in Singapore Lol :P

There isn’t such command on approach frequency.

I think @Aernout can tell something about it.

This is the expected distance from until landing when being vectored, this will be possible but needs very experienced approach controllers.


They use this at my local airport as well. It’s used so that the aircraft can plan a continous descent for noise abatement purposes.