ATC Come and Go

Please do not have us deviate from our field flight plan just to quit ATC and leave us hanging. I just missed my approach by a long shot because I was given 2 different runways. Then after my go around I was given right traffic to land on the end of runway I was flying over for my go around. Very frustrating.


Was this on the expert or training server?

Controllers are people just like us and sometimes they have to go and do things in the real world.

But I also completely agree with where you’re coming from, it’s chaos at busy airports when there’s a controller change.


If TS - nothing can be done. It’s always a nightmare.

If ES - people have lives and this is volunteer work. They’ve sometimes got things to do. You can’t control that


It was on the training server. I unfortunately lost my grade 3 in the update. Center made me file a SID and STAR flight plan to land on runway 06L at KLAX. I was descending via VNAV and they then asked that I make a few other changes. There was no issues, but that controller quit and I was switched to approach. Approach had me completely switch my course to land on runway 26R. I didn’t have time to go into my flight plan and change everything. There needs to be communication between center and approach. They asked me to descend from 25,000 to 12,000 in what would have been about 6 minutes. That’s insane.

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Well, Training will be TS, and sadly, nothing we can do.

Just fly around a lot, and you’ll be back on expert soon, these new requirements shifted lots of things around. 😉


All I need for my grade 3 back is 26 landings. I’ll wipe those out quick!

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If it’s on the training server I always double check what sort of routing approach are trying to give before deviating from the plan. Sometimes its just atc have no idea what they are doing so they can be ignored. If it’s to fit in with traffic then yeah fair enough. It’s the Joy’s of flying on the ts.

It’d be nice if someone could give me vectors when I am now obviously flying in circles because of them. Joyous.

Also, when you get back to expert, don’t worry, ATC are able to communicate with each other, so these problems won’t happen, often. On TS, you can’t talk to each other bevause anyone could abise it

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24s and 25s are usually used at Los Angeles irl

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