ATC colour scheme

A simple suggestion regarding the ATC displays. Currently we have Cyan for on your frequency, white for not listening and grey for tuned to another channel.

I find it difficult sometimes to pick out a grey aircraft when it is stationary on a grey runway especially.

I would suggest that the colour used on ATC displays for present but on a different frequency be changed to Red, to increase visibility. Red is the RGB opposite of Cyan which may help people with colourblind issues ? #atc

I was about to raise the same issue. Some times the aircraft switches to ground on runway and it becomes difficult to see it and causes delay .

And same for the Aircraft on frequency. Its difficult to catch them in day and in the fixes.

Hope the same gets changed in more darker color.



Not sure about the change in cyan for the benefit of colorblind people. As far as I’m aware, the UI developer (@ Cameron) is colorblind, so you can bet he’s trying to make the interface as clear as possible for other colorblind people. That said, color blindness comes in different forms, so he could have missed a particular color blindness type where it can be a problem, so if that’s you, you might want to talk with him.

I honestly don’t know, it’s not my field, and I’m not colour blind myself, but Cameron will be aware of such colour issues.

(I did wonder about the flashing lights as well, having worked with a few people with epilepsy. Stationary lights would still be visually noticeable, maybe flash them if ignored for > 60 seconds?)

I agree with this point. It becomes difficult to see the aircraft, especially if they accidentally tune out of Ground or Tower and you need to quickly and urgently call them up. Or even as simple a thing as seeing them clearly for any ground conflict avoidance.