ATC collaboration

Hello! I’m looking for someone to collaborate with as ATC. Since it’s complicated to do the different ATCs without communicating (choosing runways in use, approaches, departures, etc.) I would like to establish a connecting with someone here with the same intentions and passion for ATC as myself beforehand.
I am 21 y/o and I’d prefer that you are at least 18 y/o and serious about ATC.
Please leave a comment if you’re interested.

For the information, I’m in Europe, considering the time zones.

You should definitely consider to join the IFATC team if you meet all the requirements. It’s totally worth it, trust me. :)


That’s my goal. But I’m not sure I do yet. Cause every time I practice ATC there are just a lot of idiots that don’t follow the orders given from the ATC, so I just give up. And therefore I probably don’t have enough operations to qualify.


If you don’t feel ready yet, contact a trainer. They will help you to reach the level you need. With motivation and determination, you’ll join the IFATC team in no time.


Yeah. You won’t see that stuff in the expert server. Get certified! 🙂


Also setting up an ATC event in #live:atc would mean IFC pilots, who are generally more professioanl, will attend your event


I would suggest you to control on less busier regions (i.e Paris, Oshkosh, NorCal) and make a #live:atc topic to call community members while controlling. This would be a good practice before contacting a Trainer and Recruiter from IFATC.


There is also the IFTSATC group which co-ordinate ATC activities on the training server, which would help you gain experience before going to an IFATC trainer? You could as someone else noted, make a post here in LiVE:ATC when you are controlling to get some mature acting pilots around, also would recommend avoid SoCal but open a frequency up on a paid for region as you generally get better quality of pilots who use those regions.


How long is one operation?

Don’t think anyone knows, but it will always show 0 ops unless you are IFATC


For Tower an operation is a landing/takeoff clearance.
For radar frequencies an operation is a vector instruction, altitude etc…


I wanna join IFATC cause I’m already grade 4 just waiting for global. To burn the midnight oil I wouldn’t mind trying out/ being an ATC

I’m sure you will be able to join IFATC if you have roughly controlled some airports with a total of 2 weeks duration. A Recruiter will confirm your ops and requirements required before giving a written test to you ;)

If you are still unsure with your skills, You can contact a Trainer to train your skills first before contacting a Recruiter


And also how long one operation?

There’s no set time for an operation. An operation occurs when you send an aircraft a command.

i.e. “cleared for takeoff”, “line up and wait”, “turn left heading 180”, etc.

Ok so do that for how many times @Nathan?

Not Oshkosh please 😂

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You must have a minimum of 500 operations to join IFATC according to the recruiting thread.


IFTSATC Can help you build up experience for IFATC, PM me if you’d like to join the team.

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Can I just do one which is approach?