ATC Collaberation Feature

Hello guys. I wanted to post this in features, but because of my trust level, I am unable to. So if someone can please move this post over I would greatly appreciate it.

Anyways, I seem to constantly run into the problem of not being able to work together with other ATC’s at the same airport. For instance:

I want to use runway 31L for landings and 31R for takeoff. But because me and the ground cannot communicate, he/she ends up sending the aircraft that want to take off to the wrong runway. This same type of situation can be observed with Approach as well.

So what I propose is an optional voice chat for ATC to use when controlling in order to communicate with other ATC at the same airport.

Here is what I imagine it would look like. (See right side)

What do you guys think of this idea? Any feedback or additions to this would be fantastic!


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Voice chat is not something that is not going to come soon or is being looked into. It would be very hard to moderate and is just a bit unpractical at this time. An alternative solution would be to add more ATC commands to better communicate your intentions.

If you are a member of IFATC, we do provide communication via Slack.