ATC closing when I’m near destination

It’s a bit of a bummer, but most of the times for example I would fly from Manchester to London Heathrow, when I’m near London Heathrow the ATC always leaves. Then I’m Landing in UNICOM. It gets annoying sometimes. I was just wondering if there is some type of timetable that’s shows what time ATC will be available and when they close.

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Unfortunately, there is not a time table. IFATC is a volunteer service, and we open/close whenever we want, basically. The only restriction is that we have to have Class Charlies and below open for a half hour, and class Bravos open for an hour.

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Just out of interest, what’s does class Charlie and class bravo mean

Here is a helpful link I’ve found.

@Adam_Williams’ reply was also helpful.

In case you wanted another source, here is @USA007’s topic.

Airspace Tiers



Also to add on to what @MrMrMan said for time limits, on the Training Server there are no limits for being open. so someone can open and close constantly.


Thanks for the reference!

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I’m happy to help! 😄

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