ATC closing time

Sometimes after spawning into an open airport it will close before you are ready to depart.

Is there a way to determine how much longer an airport will be open when looking at the list of open airports?


Right now there is no way to see how long ATC will be open for in app. Although IFATC have requirements to be open for 30 minutes for class Charlie and below airports and 1 hour for Bravo and above airports.


Thanks for the speedy response.

Maybe this can be figured out in the future.

No worries. Hopefully we can have a feature like that in the future!

An IFATC Controller at a Class Bravo Airport has to stay open for 60 min …. So you can just guess :)

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Feel free to vote for one of my old feature requests…

Also, Radar (Approach / Departure) and Center must say on for a minimum of 1 hour. No matter the class of airfield .

Another thing I guess that could be added as a feature request in addition to my broadcast messages one above would be to show on the airport info screen how long a controllers session has been going on for.

For example, if you see at a bravo airport that the tower/ground controller has been on for 50 minutes, you know that their session COULD end soon when they hit that hour mark.

The only way this could be misleading though is if the controller had to re-start the app during their session. At which point in-app the timer stops and starts at zero when you log back on.

Anyways just another idea/thought.


Yeah, similar to the timer you get when controlling on the top right corner!

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Yes, exactly. Pulled from that spot into the airport info screen.

Doesn’t always happen.

Last night from Dublin to Paris, London Centre came on twice only for a few minutes then never returned?

In one instance a Centre Controller asked for my intentions when I was still attached to the air bridge 😂

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Was this on expert?

Was this on the expert server? As the ATC controller is required to stay active on Centre/Approach/Departure for a minimum of 1hour.

Happened sure on the Training Server. There is no time limit set. 😉

I’ve had this happen to me too, sometimes its ground or tower and they will give clearance for taxi or take-off and poof! They are gone

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like adain said , was this on expert ?

I always fly Expert. Rarely Training if I’m ATC, does it show anywhere in the log what server you are on?

I’ve no issue really, even if ATC drops at an airport then pilots should use Unicom and procedures.

I don’t believe there is currently, the only the way I think would work is if you go through each individual replay you have on your device and you should be able to work out what server you’re on if you watch it through.

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