ATC closes and EIDW goes CRAZY

Not what should be seen on the expert server


Ah yes, this happens frequently and it sucks.
Not much you could do really…just see look and avoid, prepare for more go arounds.

If you’re lucky, a supervisor might stop by and report people like that.

Hey this what happens on Expert. Guess it not Expert it’s more like causal now. Take a look at this sqme accident on expert few days back.

Love the little @LaroseRoyce spot here! 😂😂😂

Keep up the professional username!


Might work better here, but that was a close call.

I had a similar experience when I was at SKBO. An aircraft literally flew through a bunch of aircraft who were trying to take off. Not that I can’t say it wasnt his fault but he flew directly through an aircraft that was lined up, landed, and I contacted the next controller whilst he was taxiing back with evidence. Well deserved ghost. I’ll see if I can find that footage 😂

I’m not trying to stick up for anybody because you shouldn’t be that close to other traffic (I’m looking at you United A350) but as someone who mostly plays on an old IPhone 6s I have to keep my aircraft count low in busy airspace so the plane may have simply not appeared. I would check the map to make sure but maybe the A350 did not

That’s why I want a server with people that are grade 4 and above. It would be to nice to have that, but yeah. Just a server of active, professional people that want to fly.

Worst Expert Server behaviour:

I saw 3+ ghosts happen during this recording. Sorry about my late night mumbling voice. This was absolutely ridiculous, and was my time when I was IFATC. I wish i was at the grade where you could ghost users in game.

Ground was active. I saw Tower went active (on Slack) and I couldn’t find them as I took off.