ATC closes after flight plan logged

I know it’s probably just me, but I have had numerous times where I logged a flight plan, departed and bam! The destination airports ATC closes, I’m beginning to believe their looking for me and closing up shop lol. I was just pushing back at TFFF, and then airport goes to unicom! But seriously it happens alot. Maybe it’s the time I log on. Looking forward to the changes this month.


We all are indeed! Your not the only one, as it happens to my friends a lot. They’d spawn and I’d close… It’s just bad luck, but with the old ATC system returning, we can plan our flights to know when ATC will be active.


I completely understand this feeling! We’ve all been there. I’m also excited for this new ATC schedule, which should fix this issue that everyone has! I found that one of the best ways to get traffic and ATC at a certain airport is to create an event at the desired airport. I think you should 100% give this new system a try. We will all see together how it goes!


Still is gonna be very different than the “old” schedule system.

@David_Dollar I recommend glancing at how long the controller has been active. Normally after 30min - 1hr a controller closes up shop. This is a good way to see how much time you might have. As for bigger hubs lots of times controllers switch out instead of fully closing. Non hub airports tend to not get controller relief once they can’t continue to control due to the lack of traffic or desire to take over.

Still keep your head high. If I see someone spawn and I will tend to stay online and see that they get up and out with service. :)

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That happened when we had a schedule so it’ll likely still unfortunately happen from time to time.

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Happens to me all the time too lol


It happened to me today 😅. The controller closed while I was on the way. I understand the controller side (I am one too). They have their lives and can’t always wait for us.

Don’t worry as some of them like to track incoming traffic and wait for them if possible. I’m one of those, but I confess that there are days when I can’t wait for the pilots. But don’t give up on flying to your destination airport. Sometimes another controller reopens the frequency because there are pilots like you that are arriving. So your chances of getting ATC services may be higher.


Happens to me all the time 😔

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