Session closed: If anyone can come by EDDL on TS1 and see how I’m doing, that would be great :D


@Jonas_Sundt-Bjordal see you there. Will be in a Korean air aircraft

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What region is this guy’s

The region of Netherlands.

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eey, I want to clear up something here. First of all, I told you to line up and wait to make bigger space from you and the departing aircraft. No need to rush when it was only you, one departing aircraft and one at gate in the my airspace. Secondly, I told you to enter left downwind runway 23R because that was your current traffic and when you would have been on left downwind runway 23R I would have told you “Number 1, cleared for the option runway 23R, make right traffic”. I’m the controller and if you had listen you would have seen my point.
And finally, you may see that I had connection problems. For example you saw that I left the first time out of nowhere. The second time I also left because of connection problems and that was right after your takeoff.


I would consider that controller discretion on separation for departures. Just because you can use anticipated separation doesn’t mean you have to, especially when not in a busy environment.

I just did a flight this morning out of EGLL where I wasn’t cleared to takeoff until the departing aircraft ahead of me was between 2-3nm away. Doesn’t bother me any and makes it slightly easier for controllers later on to manage separation.

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Exactly, this is one option you could do. You don’t have to, but you can.

No worries and it wasn’t a terrible feedback :D

Please don’t give feedback, if you know if it’s not correct. Doesn’t do anything other than confusing the said controller, and learning him something wrong. If you don’t know how controlling should be, please don’t give feedback.
//IFATC Scouter.

Jonas, I would suggest you to contact a scouter, instead for this. :)


Well I contacted Tom Grollman, but he was busy testing global so he said I could ask here if anyone wanted to see me, so that’s the reason why I made this post :D

The inverse also holds true. Just because the airspace is almost empty doesn’t mean you should make them wait that long. If you’ve got 5 planes all departing the same way to the same airport, then that’s another story. <----- @Aquila

As he mentioned that he was still on upwind, it would’ve been fine to have a right downwind entry to 23R, as a turn to crosswind had not occurred yet. It’s about watching the plane and determining if it is already executing a motion that is unreasonable to reverse. Had the turn already started to occur, then fine, left downwind works.

I get a little bit upset because it’s the controller that’s in charge, but he turned right crosswind right after he asked me for “requesting change to runway 23R”. I hadn’t given him instructions yet. So when I told him to enter left downwind (because that was the best solution because of traffic coming in on right downwind) it makes the whole prosess messed up

Good luck on your practical test 😁

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I am confused by this 😕.

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