ATC [CLOSED] @CYYZ (T&G) (Training Server)

I’m open at CYYZ. Tower and ground. Waiting for you. If you want to join me with ATC or just do a flight it doesn’t matter. We’ll have fun.



I would recommend making it a tracking thread so you don’t make so many posts on the forum. Just edit the post and title to state where you are and if you are opened or closed.

Have a great day!

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You picked a big airport!
Inbound as PH-ADZ

Oh, it appears you have closed. You post topic still lists as Open

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Change it to close when you done controlling!!!

Ok, I’ll do that next time.

Thanks for the tip and have a good day you to.

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I’m live right now. So if you want to join do so.

My fault. Coming right now.
LH838 Heavy

Ok, I’m going to wait for you.

Do you want Feedback? If yes here or PM? @CaptZach

Yes, please and in private

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