ATC closed at EHAM TS1

I’m opening ATC at Amsterdam on TS1 right now, would love to see some of you there.

When? What time? What date?

I’m starting right now!

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On my way right now.

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Just so you know, I’ve moved to EHAM because I can’t take the trolls and nimrods at KSFO.

Overall i would give you a 5/10. You need to learn to sequence then clear them to land or for the option, what you screwed up was telling me to enter right downwind right when i was turning base, you also forgot to sequnce because there was an aircraft following behind me, so clear me for the option number 1, then the aircraft behind me number 2 traffic to follow is on right downwind then clear him for the option.Also ground ops. Use give way to aircraft command and hold position, if not many collisions will happen on the ground. Other than that all was good.

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